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Addais A clean game

Oneikeh Campbell Proactive Ideas.jpg


Using a football, we’ll embed the iconic adidas football with PDc12 ink. PDc12 reacts to the surrounding environment changing colour dependent on the cleanliness of the area.

The football will change colour from yellow to black causing the adidas stripes to disappear warning children when they are playing in an area that is highly polluted. The football will revert back to its original colour to reveal the adidas stripes when they have left the area.

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Social Media

We’ll ask teens to give badly polluted areas the red card by tagging a picture of themselves in that area.  

The Clean Game Squad

we will recruit a clan came team who will work in that area to resolve pollution. Example: working with the  Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan Marking  out areas as clean zones and turning  them into football pitches. Campaigning to make them car free every Sunday.

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